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The Buying Guide For Weight Plates Tags: Olympic Bar and Weight Set

This one is a in-detail buying guide for various kinds of weight plates that are currently available in market. The kind of weight plate you need mainly depends on the kind of weight lifting you are intend to do. The guide will help you mainly in purchasing the best weight plate product for your gym, commercial facility, or domestic environment. Buying guide for such weight plates is very much similar to that for 7ft olympic bars or solid rubber dumbbells.

The first thing that you need to understand regarding weight plates is the basic difference between the standard and the olympic weight plate. The olympic weight plate is the one that comes with 2” diameter hole while the standard weight plates have 1” diameter hole. Always remember that the olympic weight plates are only compatible with Olympic weightlifting bars. The Standard weight plates wouldn’t fit on any Olympic bar. Some of the prime benefits of Olympic weight plates as compared to the standard plates are as follows:

Olympic weight plates are a great deal more steady on the weight lifting bar. They are a great deal more flexible - The quantity of activities you can do with Olympic weight plates far exceeds standard weight plates. Olympic weightlifting bars are worked to hold a more prominent aggregate weight and some force racks and weight seats are made to fit the 7ft Olympic bars, rather than a 5ft or 6ft standard bar.

To abridge all the various types of weight plates you will discover accessible to purchase available we have given a diagram of every sort: Studio, cast iron, elastic covered, strategy, guard and rivalry weight plates.


  • Studio Weight Plates: These are composed basically for gathering activity and activity to music classes like Les Mills' Body Pump amid which members ordinarily won't work with overwhelming burdens. These plates have a tendency to be elastic covered, little in size, ordinarily with handles and splendidly shaded. They are anything but difficult to distinguish, are anything but difficult to store toward the side of your studio and can be immediately included and expelled from specific studio weight bars.
  • Rubber Weight Plate: Rubber weight plates are precisely the same as cast iron weight plates, yet with an additional layer of elastic covering for well-being, security and life span. The elastic covering helps both the weight plate and the floor to a specific degree, and will guarantee that the plates are longer enduring and harder wearing.
  • Technique Bumper Weight Plate: Interest for guard plates has been expanding over late years because of developing prominence of Olympic lifting, some of which can be ascribed to an ascent in the quantity of individuals partaking in Cross Fit training.

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